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If you need any kind of residential or commercial security guard service in San Jose or the Bay Area, you can count on Atlas Private Security. Our company has more than 40 years of experience in the private security realm and is prepared to serve you and your loved ones or associates today. As a locally owned and operated company, Atlas Private Security is committed to providing you with the personable and proficient security services you deserve.

We supply a wide range of guard/patrol services including:

  • Commercial/ High Rise Security: We can provide peace of mind to property managers, corporate executives, and tenants alike. We are able to improve security at places that include high-rise commercial buildings, corporate facilities, and company headquarters.
  • Apartment/ HOA Security: We are able to protect residential properties and improve personal safety, access control and physical security. Protect your community from burglaries, vandalism and more.
  • Campus Security: Threats to a campus can include students under the influence of alcohol and drugs, sexual assault, theft, and violence. By retaining the services of our private security guards, you will be able to keep your college a safe place.
  • High-Tech Security: High tech security can range from an instant tracking mobile app to digital identification services to GPS and computerized services. At Atlas Private Security, we proudly utilize all of the latest technologies to help keep our customers safe and their property secure.
  • Shopping Center Security: Shopping centers can be the targets of all kinds of crimes including robbery, shoplifting, trespassing, carjacking, sexual assault, abduction and occasionally, a shooting or act of terrorism. Wherever mass amounts of people congregate, there needs to be a tried-and-true security system in place. Our security guards provide a greater sense of security for employees and customers than sole reliance on surveillance cameras.
  • Polygraph Exams: We use polygraphs to measure breathing rate, blood pressure, and perspiration during the law enforcement or public service agency pre-employment process as well as to ascertain fidelity, employee theft, etc.

If you would like to obtain a risk-free consultation and quote for one of our security services, don’t hesitate to contact our office at (408) 978-9111 today!

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