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CEO of Atlas Security/Polygraph Examiner Robert Foster featured on 2 segments of “Tell the Truth” ABC – 2019

Private sector individuals, therapists, attorneys, law enforcement agencies, and some private employers use polygraph testing or examinations to verify statements and find out the truth on a variety of issues including infidelity, drug use, addictions, sex offenses, employee theft, criminal activities, abuse and other matters.

We use the LX-4000 computer polygraph system to record, store, and analyze physiological changes during a polygraph examination. The LX-4000 system combines conventional polygraph procedure with a sophisticated state-of-the-art computer.

Our certified polygraph examiners will conduct professional polygraph examinations following all proper standards for length of time, technique, question formulation, comparison question setting and all the other protocols required for a thorough polygraph exam.

Examinations Offered

ok-iconRelationship Examinations

Is your spouse or significant other having an affair? Do you need to prove your fidelity or truthfulness to a significant other? Is your child or loved one using illegal drugs? Or any other specific issue that is potentially destroying your relationships.

ok-iconPre-Employment Examinations

Polygraph examinations for City, State, and Federal Agencies including police and fire departments.

ok-iconAttorney – Client Examinations

Any type of criminal or civil matter where an attorney is requesting a polygraph examination for their client. The client must be willing to voluntarily submit to the polygraph examination.

ok-iconIn-Custody Examinations

This examination is designed to assist Law Enforcement agencies with in-custody criminal investigations. The Law Enforcement agency is responsible for administering Miranda Warnings to the suspect or person of interest. The person must also be willing to voluntarily submit to the polygraph examination.

ok-iconPrivate Sector

This examination is designed to assist corporate firms and employers with issues that need to be resolved, such as internal theft and embezzlement.

Our accurate and reliable polygraph testing services could make all the difference to you—helping you make an informed decision and move your life or company forward in the right direction. For a risk-free consultation and quote, contact our office at (408) 978-9111 today!

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